Bolivar, Missouri

Bolivar Missouri was selected as the safest small town in America in 1995 and was subsequently selected in the top one hundred small towns in America in 1996/1997. Bolivar is a fast growing community that has maintained that small town flavor. You still get a smile and a hello when you walk down the street. Bolivar is blessed with a full service hospital, a great school system, solid community support, and a willingness to look into the future to ensure the best for our community and our children.

Bolivar, a town of over 10,000 friendly people and the Polk County seat, is located 24 miles north of Springfield, Missouri on Highway 13. It is centrally located between Stockton Lake and Lake Pomme de Terre. Both can be driven to in less than 15 minutes.

The city of Bolivar actually takes its name from a town in Tennessee that was named after South American General Simon Bolivar. Many new Missouri settlers had come from Tennessee. The Campbell brothers borrowed the name of Bolivar from the town their grandfather had helped settle back in Tennessee. It symoblized freedom and new beginnings. Two bronze statues of Simon Bolivar, given to the city of Bolivar by the Venezeulan government, stand in Bolivar, Missour

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